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Kleen Tank prides itself in educating every RVer about their holding tanks and waste handling system in every type of RV. In fact, Kleen Tank is renowned for being the educators in our industry and you can find us giving advice at RV rallies, shows, and other events, as well as to RVers we meet in every circumstance, both online and in person.

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RV holding tanks vs. septic: What’s the difference?

RV holding tanks vs. septic: What’s the difference?

You’ve heard the industry “experts.” They say that you need to treat your RV’s holding tanks like a septic system and add tank additives to break down waste. But is that the wise thing to do? We think not. Read why there’s a better way to think about your holding tanks.

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Tank Problems?

Find out the top five reasons why you’re having tank problems, whether it’s sensors, odors, or drainage issues. Here’s why you need Kleen Tank!

Tank Solution Recipe

You’ve heard of Kleen Tank’s RV tank solution. Get the recipe here so that you can make your own and leave the enzymes behind.

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